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Darren Nine West NROhgl6wP
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Physician leader to support company’s clinical approach to reducing variation and costs

| Source: Lumere

CHICAGO, Feb. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lumere, the leading provider of data-driven analytics, evidence and expert guidance to help health systems reduce unnecessary clinical variation and costs, today announced the appointment of John Cherf, MD, MPH, MBA, as the company’s first-ever chief medical officer (CMO).

A practicing orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of clinical and healthcare leadership experience, Dr. Cherf has published in numerous peer review journals, speaks internationally and has served as an advisor and consultant to several orthopedic and healthcare businesses and organizations, including the FDA. He will play a vital role in shaping Lumere’s solutions and services focusing on drug and device selection and utilization.

"We're excited about the combination of clinical and change management experience that Dr. Cherf brings to our team," said Lumere CEO Hani Elias, JD, MPH. "He is an experienced clinical leader who understands the unique needs and concerns of physicians and can share that understanding with our clients. Because Dr. Cherf continues to practice, he brings practical experience as well as a keen awareness of the state of healthcare and the wide range of available drugs and devices."

In his role as CMO, Dr. Cherf will oversee Lumere’s Physician Advisory Council, which provides practical, field-based insights to support the firm’s data-driven solutions. “I see tremendous opportunity within healthcare to use clinical evidence to drive better performance, both financially and clinically,” he said. “Lumere’s data-driven approach to decision making is grounded in evidence rather than subjective experiences. That resonates with physicians I speak to and opens new doors to cross-departmental collaboration. The foundation that Lumere has developed has the opportunity to drive transformational change.”

Dr. Cherf also continues his private practice and serves as the chief of orthopedics for Chicago-based Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. He previously served as the chief medical officer for Pinpoint Care, chairman of OrthoCentrix Solutions, and the president of OrthoIndex. He attended the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine for his MD where he also obtained a Masters’ in Public Health (MPH). He received his Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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Ever see a logo for a brand and feel like you’ve seen it before, but for someone else? You’ve probably just come across a generic logo—a cliché in the logo game—a been-there-done-that, uninspired graphic that isn’t doing much for the brand it represents. Chances are, you’ve seen this a lot.

Logos are more than just an image and some text. A logo is the face of an entire brand, which means that an unoriginal, overused logo design signals to potential customers that a brand isalso unoriginal. Intoday’scrowded marketplace, why would people want to give business to a brand that feels generic? A customer may take his or her business somewhere else, solely based on the image that the brand puts forth. For a brand whowants to attract customers and stand out from the competition, a compellinglogo designisthe first opportunity to sendthe right messaging out into the world.

What is a generic logo?

Generic logos feature design elements that have been used so many times, they no longer feel likeoriginal creations. Some of these common, overused logos are easy to spot—think anything that looks likeold Microsoft Clip Art. But others are less obvious to the untrained eye. Fear not! We’ve rounded up the most overused logo design concepts so you can learn how to avoid them.

The V-Man, or the instantly recognizable abstract, gender-neutral humanoid, has been used across a variety of industries, from social media to service oriented businesses. While it’s great in theory—all customers are humans, and customers who are excited about your brand are the best—the V-man is devoid of originality.

Sometimes the V-man comes alone, and sometimes he travels in a pack. One of his favorite ways to travel is in a ring.

The globe is a “tale as old as time” in the logo world. Companies latch onto the idea of wanting to represent themselves as global and end up using such an overused symbol that they appear dated.

A graph that goes up and to the right means you’re successful. A graph logo, on the other hand, is a concept so common it has lost it’s meaning. It doesn’t show anything unique or different about your business.

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